Graphic novel progress - Vectorisation is getting to me...

After two days of wrestling with the whole vectorising approach (mentioned here) and going slightly bonkers, I sank back in my chair, took a deep breath, put the computer to sleep and bashed out an ink illustration in a few minutes. It's the picture shown.

I knocked it out with my water based ink brush pens (Tombo ABT dual brush pens) and some black technical pens. I didn't even bother to make the columns straight. I think I did just for therapeutic purposes after cursing the idiosyncrasies of my vector art program. I think it looks very nice. I've found that Tombo pens aren't good for covering large areas. One trick to get around this is to either avoid large areas of colour or fill them later with gouache or on the computer. Apart from that, they work very well with ink pen illustration as they don't cover up the pen work (like gouache does) so your pen detail isn't lost.

Considering how much easier it was to draw those doors than create something through the computer, I'm tempted to illustrate the graphic novel that way. It's not as sophisticated an approach but I won't have to wrestle with the computer on a regular basis. I can always use the computer for touching up the finished pages. If I do follow that path, I'll stick a sample page or two on this blog.