A new 15 minute stage play called 'stuck'

I've completed a 15 minute stage play for the REDFest drama festival at the Old Red Lion theatre in Islington called 'Stuck'.

This was very much a 'chase the deadline' piece of work. I knew the deadline for the competition was looming and I hadn't been able to come up with something. Friday morning was my last chance. Fortunately, with the pressure of that deadline, I wrote 'Stuck' between 10am and noon. It's a simple setup; a man and a woman are stuck in a lift. They used to be a couple and now they really don't want to be together. This may not come as a big surprise :) but being stuck together in the lift forces them to talk about their relationship and their difficulties. They don't end up embracing and kissing etc but they do get to enjoy shared memories and a shared view of the funnier aspects of life.

The only prop in the play is a ripped out emergency button and the lift is represented as a simple chalk square on the stage that they can't leave. The professional feedback on my short play 'can't see, won't see' pointed out the difficulties of extensive props and effects in a short play, so in 'stuck' I've tried to keep things as simple as possible. A lot of the quality of the play relies on the two actors' timing. There are moments when pauses are valuable and other moments when there should be no pauses at all. Hopefully, it'll be clear to the performers where these go. I didn't want specify them because I'd probably end up looking autocratic and patronising (heaven forbid!).