My journey to work

I might not have my own flat nowadays, or be able to go on a fancy holiday, or buy the latest kit (have you seen the new 11" Apple MacBook Air? It's very nice...) but on the plus side, I don't have to commute into London every weekday. Hooray! Instead, I cycle the following route...

First off, it's into Bushy Park through Hampton gate.

Bushy Park can be absolutely beautiful in the morning, especially when it's freezing!

I cycle through Bushy Park, past the hawthorn path and the stately home (the owners of which the Bushy Park administrators refuse to name...)

Then it's out of Bushy Park and into Teddington, past the very attractive Teddington Branch Library.

Through Strawberry Hill I go and on into Twickenham. I duck away from the traffic and reach the river Thames, skirting Eel Pie island on my right where the Rolling Stones once played (along with a lot of other blues bands).

I go past Twinings House, in which the founder of Twinings Tea once lived, and head along the road between the ornamental gardens.

I enter the lovely houses by the river in Twickenham village, including the relaxing White Swan pub.

And the Octagon room at Orleans Park house.

Then it's on to the tarmac path that skirts the very edge of the Thames on the way to Richmond. I pass Marble Hill house on my left.

And cycle between the trees as the path bends around with the river.

The river swings around and in the gaps between the trees, I can see the Star and Garter Home on Richmond Hill, home to disabled servicemen.

After another quarter of a mile, I've reached Richmond Bridge. I cycle over it, admiring the seating area and the boats.

Then I turn off the road and walk through Heron Court.

And I've reached the Richmond Town Hall, where I sit and write for five hours. That's my commute!

p.s. For lunch, I usually sit on Richmond Green which is also very pretty...

A journey to work to treasure!