Graphic novel progress - first chapter done

Well, I've been living like a hermit for the last two months but it has produced something. Here's the first chapter of the graphic novel 'Cziltang Bone and the Reality Shifter' that I've been working on. I was going to make it available as a pdf but the file's 60Mb so, instead, I've put in this post as screen shots.

It's been a big learning experience and I've certainly put the hours in, working from 9am to 6pm and, on several occasions, carried on to 10pm. I don't think I could do that every weekday as my eyes have been feeling like pickled onions recently. It's good to have done the first fourteen pages though (although I still keep looking at it and spotting flaws that bug me). As ever, any feedback is most appreciated.

Standing back and looking at the project, I'm not sure whether I want to continue with the novel using the current style. The vector graphic approach is very clean and bright but I miss the natural variety of an illustration that's been made with real brushes and pens, e.g. these earlier pictures. To help mull that question over, I'm taking a break from the graphic novel for the moment and working on a story that's filled up my head this week. Hopefully, when that's done, I'll know what to do. Whatever happens, It's all good experience...


(ooh, saying that felt weird. I guess I'm still an eighties kid)