It's catch up time... (with fun pics!)

Many apologies, but I haven't added a blog entry for months. It's been a hectic two months, for both good and bad reasons, but I'm going to try and catch up today.

The first entry that springs to mind is from the 18th September. I had booked to go on an Arvon Writing week ( The subject of the week was Graphic Novels and the tutors were Bryan Talbot and Hannah Berry. Since the week would be about creating stories with both text and images, I thought it would be good to get down and do some drawing. I had done drawing and painting before, but I'd only produced a few illustrations. I decided to dedicate the whole week to producing some fun black and white illustrations for Copper Book. In the end, I only got about three days of work done, but I did produce work I was very pleased with. Here's what I came up with:

I learned a few good things just by doing those drawings. I noticed that a thick outside line (the line that separates the figure from the background) makes the figure stand out much better. I also realised that a preliminary sketch can look very amateurish, but once you've cleaned it up, inked it carefully and applied a few clever touches, it can look quite professional.

I scanned those illustrations in and added them to three synopses that I was planning to take with me. After doing that, I was ready to go. Roll on Arvon Graphic Novel course!