Climate change - We're now in Survival Earth

I haven't talked about climate change in a while on this website, mainly because pretty much everything that needs to be said about it (I think) is already available, both on this website, in the books I've reviewed and in any of the rational media publications out on the web and in the newsagents. There is vast amounts of evidence to show that our planet is warming dangerously and that it's down to all the fossil fuels we're burning. That fact is based on very simple physics. It's also clear what we need to do reduce its effect; stop burning fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow, eat less meat and do our utmost to curb and eventually reduce our population.

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Sadly, it's also clear that the people in power in the Western World have no interest in stopping climate change. To be honest, based on a rational analysis of their actions through the media and government, they seem to want climate change to happen. This sounds barmy but it does match the huge efforts and money spent on rubbishing climate change science in the media, keeping it out of the news, negatively influencing politicians and even forcing down the price of oil at roughly the same time that renewable technology became economically viable. What exactly is the agenda in the boardrooms and wealthy retreats? Are they only interested in their wealth? Are the quietly building their own survival bunkers or funding a Space Ark as mentioned in the Alternative 3 documentary? Are they all religious fundamentalists planning to erase the planet of heathens and re-populate it with the Chosen Ones in some kind of Nazi v2 Liebensraum with added Biblical Apocalypse? It's hard to say. It is logical to conclude, based on the behaviour of the ultra-rich and the general tribal nature of humanity, that they won't care too much about the rest of us once they're in their secure bunker/habitat/orbiting station. In the end, whatever the power-elite do, it'll be disastrous for all us ordinary people.

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The reason I'm blogging about climate change today is because of a very good article from Bill McKibben in the Guardian newspaper. McKibben is a veteran of the climate change issue and founded the website. McKibben explains in his article that we need to stop thinking about the threat of climate change. He makes it clear that there is no threat that climate change will occur. Instead, climate change is already underway. We are now in a world that has a different climate from the one our parents, grandparents and everyone else after the time our ancestors staggered out of the last ice age. It is ridiculous to keep reporting a new record in drought level, storm strength, temperature peak etc etc, week in, week out without admitting that we now exist in a climate that has been ramped up to a new level of intensity and danger by the warming gases we've pumped into the air. Our heatwaves and storms are become so extreme that our weather reporters need new colour codes to identify their peak levels (such as in the recent Australian drought and the rainfall levels of Hurricane Harvey). One terrible, record storm such as Hurricane Harvey would be bad enough but the Southern U.S. and Caribbean is now being hit by a series of record storms; it's as if someone's pressed the fast forward button on our Global Path to Meltdown. Things are getting Biblical at a furious rate.

To put it bluntly, we're all now in Survival Earth. We're living on a planet that is becoming rapidly extremely hostile to us and it will soon only be able to support a small fraction of our current population. I don't say this to be a gleeful doom-monger, I say it because as many people as possible need to say it to push our societies and our governments to do as much as possible about our desperate situation. Perhaps if the internet became filled with people declaring their concerns for the future of their children, grandchildren and everyone in the human race, positive actions would happen; here's hoping.

JIm Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens talk

Years ago, I went to the Czech Republic with several friends. Before we left for Prague, my Czech friend took me aside and said; 'I know you're vegetarian and that's okay with me but I need to let you know that if you tell people in Prague that you don't eat meat, they'll think you're mad. Just tell them that you have an illness and you'll be fine.'

This, I think, is a big problem with the human race; if you talk to someone about something that's outside their comfort zone, their 'sphere of expectation', more likely than not, they won't be able to handle it and they'll think you're mad.

The same situation happened, twenty years ago, to a friend of mine who stopped owning a television because he decided there was nothing worth watching. One day, a sales-rep came to the door with a new cable service offer. When the friend explained that he didn't have a television, the sales rep was dumbfounded but eventually looked sad and consoled the friend with the words; 'I'm very sorry to hear that,' as if my friend has suffered a bereavement. As my friend probably realised, it doesn't make any difference if your view is rational and based on good evidence, that still won't stop people thinking you're mad if your thinking lies outside their zone of believability. Bertrand Russell was wise in saying; “do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Unfortunately, it won't stop you getting locked up.

This problem applies to much more than missing televisions and dietary choices. In our Western World at the moment, there are several gnarly questions that may never appear on the front pages or in the news, but they are critically important. I have talked about them before on this website, at length, but they are still worth repeating. The fact that few people in the mainstream media even ask these questions nowadays means that they lie outside many people's 'zone of believability', but that only increases the need for as many of us as possible to talk about them. They are:

1) Who financed the Third Reich?
2) Why hasn't science publicly concluded that non-physical minds exist?
3) Why haven't we been visited by aliens?

The first question is important because Germany was bankrupt in 1930; they'd suffered a stock market crash, hyperinflation and crippling war reparations. And yet, a few short years later, they were an economic powerhouse and possessed a military machine of huge size. Who paid for all this? Who paid for the raw materials, the oil, rubber, iron ore, new factory equipment etc? Who paid for it even after Hitler gained power? There is only one logical explanation, that a very, very wealthy group of financiers in Europe and/or the USA spent an enormous sum of money making the Nazi regime happen, in all its manufacturing behemoth and massive army form. Once this conclusions is clear, the reader is faced with a second and equally dark consequence, that no one of any significance has been charged for such financial activities since the Second World War ended. This tells us that the people who financed the Third Reich must still wield an awful lot of power, or that the people who do wield power in the Western World are very sympathetic to their cause. It's an unavoidable and deeply disturbing fact.

The second question listed above - 'why hasn't science publicly concluded that non-physical minds exist' - is also very important but in a different way. Quantum physics makes it clear that in a universe where we have free will, we must all be non-physical minds that influence reality. We must be collaboratively creating the physical realm with our mental intent, otherwise quantum physics makes it very clear that reality would never appear at all! This explanation is the only answer to Schrödinger's Cat that also allows us free will (for a full explanation of that topic, do please read my book 'how science shows…'. The need for non-physical minds in our reality, in order to make it exist at all, also applies to the existence of life itself. Life also can only exist in our universe if non-physical minds are making it happen because life increases order in the universe over time, something that should be impossible since entropy works on all physical matter and entropy decreases order over time. The existence of Life is the blatant physical evidence that we, as influencing minds, must be affecting reality.

Sadly, modern civilian science has been ignoring these simple facts for a century. As a result, it has been going nowhere in terms of real progress for a very long time. If our modern, civilian science did accept the above facts, it would develop in leaps and bounds but the view has effectively been banned by those who bankroll civilian science. The organisations that fund civilian science and those that police its dogma, such as CSICOP, make very sure that no reputable scientist can put forward the view that spirits, minds, ghosts or any other non-physical individuals exist.

The third question stated above, 'why haven't we been visited by aliens', is known as the Fermi Paradox. Probability, physics and recent astronomical observations make it very clear that aliens must be visiting our planet, since there should be a very large number of technically advanced races in our galaxy. In addition, at least some of them must inevitably be visiting us, as curiosity is an innate part of any technically advanced species. Where are they? In fact, there are reams of reports showing that we have been visited by aliens for at least the last century, but these reports also make it clear that our Western military have made great efforts to contain such events. The reports concerned also show that our mainstream media refuses to report these events, or instead that they trivialise such reports when they occur, a subject researched and explained in excellent fashion in Terry Hansen's book 'The Missing Times'.

It's therefore becomes evident, after answering the above three questions, that the truth of our situation with regard to many important matters is completely different to the official line. What's worse is that these lies are told to us all, all the time, by our mainstream media and they are even part of our standard education. It is very much as Noam Chomsky stated, that our education system is really a system of indoctrination and our media is designed to manipulate and fool us.

And so to Jim Marr's video; this talk is an interesting example of the gulf between what is actually feasible and factually correct and what we're told is feasible and true. Jim Marrs is a well-known journalist and author of Alien Agenda and other books, several of which I've read and enjoyed. In this video, entitled 'Remote Viewing Aliens', he covers some fascinating material, including evidence unearthed by Bill Pawelec, Ingo Swann and other intelligent and informative people. Of course, the official line is that aliens don't exist and remote viewing is impossible, so many people who stumble upon this video would assume that Marrs is an idiot, mad or a charlatan but such a view is only a result of one being stuck in a 'zone of believability' that has been shaped by the media and our education system. It is not a view based on scientific rationality or available evidence. For example, if one rationally answers the three questions stated at the beginning of this article, it becomes clear that these themes of Marrs' article are fine; remote viewing is possible and aliens almost certainly exist.

Apologies to any readers at this point who wonder why I've written such a long-winded introduction to a youtube video, but the point I'm trying to make is that the difference between what is actually scientifically and historically accurate and rational, and what everyone's being told is true, is so wide nowadays that a lot of explanation is required to prepare a viewer/reader to watch anything of any importance. Noam Chomsky made the point, decades ago, that in order to state a point different from a view that the media pushes, you have to spend more time in explanation. This is very difficult in the modern media realm but, fortunately, there's time for it in a website article.

Anyway, here's the video:

A haunted house and hidden truths in our ancient past

A while ago, I wrote a blog article about a very strange but memorable experience I had one night, when it seemed that I was helping the spirit of my deceased nephew overcome his fear at the circle of white light waiting for him. Yup, it sounds weird even now and I’m tempted to put the whole experience down to being a bizarre dream, except for the fact that the dream occurred pretty much exactly after the moment he suffered his sudden, unexpected and fatal aneurism. I wrote that article only after much thought, because I was unsure that it was an appropriate thing to do in such tragic circumstances, but eventually I decided to write publicly about what I experienced because I think it’s crucially important that we talk about such experiences. Unfortunately, in our modern Western World, such experiences are regarded as delusions or signs of madness. This view is not only out of step with most of human history, it is also unscientific. As I've described in my book ‘How science shows that almost everything important we’ve been told is wrong’, it is scientifically impossible that only physical things exist, since Life cannot exist in the Universe without an external, non-physical organising influence. Without that influence, Life could not continually work directly against Entropy and would cease to exist. The impossibility of Materialism was openly stated by many brilliant, Nobel-Prize-Winning physicists but after the Second World War, this viewpoint was effectively banned.

I'm therefore keen to explore non-physical phenomena scientifically. As part of this exploration, here's a very strange experience I had a few years ago. Read More...

The Twelfth Planet by Zechariah Sitchin - book review

I have to start this review with a confession. Although Zechariah Sitchin’s ‘The Twelfth Planet’ has been around for a very long time (I now own the 30th Anniversary Edition of the book), I’ve never read it up to now because I felt that its main ideas were too far out to be possible. To explain my scepticism, here's what Sitchin was stating, to the best of my knowledge:

1) The Annunaki, the gods of Ancient Sumer, were from another planet, Nibiru, in our solar system, whose very long, eccentric orbit meant it wasn’t near to Earth for most of a ten-thousand year orbit.
2) The Annunaki were on Earth in ancient times for mining purposes.
3) The Annunaki created a hybrid human, a mixture of themselves and Homo Habilis, four-hundred-thousand years ago, so that they had a worker available to do the back-breaking mining activity.

I was very sceptical about those three ideas for rational reasons. Firstly, I concluded that point 1 wasn't true, as there was no evidence at that time of an eccentric, long-orbit planet around our solar system. I was also very sceptical of point 2 and 3, because I felt that a race from another planet would find the mining and transport of raw metals to another planet far too costly in terms of resources for the activity to be worthwhile.

But this scepticism may have been misplaced. Recently, several scientific developments seem to have boosted Sitchin’s theory. There has been the discovery that a planet around our sun may be a reality, thanks to the studies of orbital anomalies in the Kuiper Belt, the large region of comets on the edge of our solar system. There has also been the genetic discovery that the changes in genes required to turn Homo Habilis into Homo Sapiens are so extensive, specialised and mutually dependent that it’s almost impossible that they could have occurred purely through natural selection. Thirdly, just last week, a scientific report was published describing the discovery of Homo Sapiens bones in an ancient mine in Morocco, bones that have been reliably dated to 300,000 BC, two-hundred-thousand years before Homo Sapiens was supposed to have developed in Africa.

All the above three scientific discoveries are ground-breaking and seem strong enough to force the scientific establishment to rewrite their understanding of major subjects. What’s more, all three discoveries support Sitchin’s theories about the Annunaki. If these ‘gods’ did create a hybrid annunaki-habilis person, Homo Sapiens, four-hundred-thousand years ago, then it would explain both the bizarre acceleration of genetic changes from Habilis to Sapiens and the presence of Homo Sapiens in a mine, three-hundred-thousand years ago.

Because of these developments, I put aside my earlier misgivings and read Sitchin’s book. I’m very pleased I did because it’s an excellent scholarly study. Sitchin’s decision to learn cuneiform as a way to really find out what the Sumerians were saying is exemplary. The book is also very readable and engaging. His ideas may still sound crazy but at the moment, from a scientific point of view, Sitchin’s theory is actually the most plausible theory for our current state on this planet. An ancient, technically advanced race colonising Earth half a million years ago, then hybridising Homo Habilis to create a worker-slave, is actually the most plausible explanation of why Homo Sapiens is here, how our civilisation arrived, appearing from literally nothing in 4,000BC, and where we need to look for answers and further understanding of ourselves and our past. I therefore heartily recommend the book.

'The mystery of the crystal skulls' book review

As a break from UFO articles, I thought it would be a good moment to review a book I've very much enjoyed; 'The mystery of the crystal skulls' by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas. This is a fat paperback describing the authors' journey in investigating and uncovering information about certain crystal skulls, in particular the Mitchell-Hedges skull, found in the 1920's by Anne Mitchell-Hedges and her father in a Mayan pyramid in Central America.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 14.22.29
To be honest, I've never read much on crystal skulls, as I've viewed them as being of only minor significance amongst the many strange anomalies present on our planet. Morton and Thomas's book proved me wrong on this matter, as they've put together a great documentary story, along with a wealth of data, not only about the major crystal skulls available to study in the world but also the views of the indigenous people connected to those skulls. The story includes solid science, folk tales, psychic readings, bizarre conspiracies, secrets and predictions about our future.

The star of the book is definitely the Mitchell-Hedges quartz, rock-crystal skull. Not only is the skull the most well-known skull, the book includes a report on analysis of the skull by the Hewlett Packard laboratories. The staff there used their skills in fabricating pure quartz crystals for electronic devices to analyse the skull's construction and internal make-up. Their report makes it clear that the skull isn't just a carved piece of rock; its piezo-electric properties, prismatic properties, purity and crystal patterning clearly belong to something created by a very advanced culture. And yet, it was found in an ancient Mayan pyramid. Read More...

'How science shows...' is now available on Kindle

Just a quick note to say that my science book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' is now available as a digital ebook from the Amazon website. It’s available as a digital download for £2.29, $2.99 or free as part of Kindle Unlimited. The digital version of the book is shorter than the paperback version. I've left out the chapter on ancient history, mostly because it's not part of the core ideas of the book and also to keep the file size down. To be honest, that chapter only ended up in the paperback version because I was trying to put in enough material to make a substantial-sized book. I've also set that if someone buys the print version, they can get the digital version for free but I've no idea if it's working or not, as that is very much amazon's business. The images in the digital version are low-res to try and keep the file size down, so apologies in advance if they're a bit grainy. Apart from all that, I'm pleased with how it looks and I think it's well worth what is now the price of a coffee in London. But then again, I probably would say that! :-)


Hostage Crisis: Earth!

This article is partly a review of a very interesting book called; ‘The Missing Times: News media complicity in the UFO coverup’ by Terry Hansen and it's also about a very strange idea that bubbled up in my brain after reading the book.

Firstly, I'll talk about Hansen’s book. ‘The Missing Times’ focusses on how the extremely large number of compelling UFOs incidents that have occurred worldwide in the last seventy years have been covered up and ignore by the U.S. media. The book does a very good job of investigating this issue and how local news is filtered to remove such stories before it reaches the major media outlets, but the book is also a very good study of the more general matter of how any topic that is frowned on by the establishment is covered in the mainstream media (i.e. television, film, books, newspapers etc). As Hansen shows, using exhaustive and detailed references, the major U.S. televisions channels, film studios and newspapers and the ones here in the U.K. all follow a very narrow line of what is and what isn’t eligible for print/broadcast. It is a filtering mechanism that Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore would certainly agree is present. Read More...

Animated Aldous Huxley interview

Here's a very good animated version of an interview with the writer Aldous Huxley, recorded in 1958. Huxley wrote 'Brave New World', a classic work of dystopian prophecy.

In the interview, Huxley paints a picture of what we have to watch out for in terms of totalitarian control. Sadly, I think Huxley's warnings have mostly come to pass. Nowadays, our Western society may not have the obvious flavour of a communist/fascist totalitarian state but that is not because we are free of such control, it is simply that the powers-that-be have chosen a more glamorous, mesmeric system which still suits their needs and keeps us drugged but productive.

Huxley tellingly stated towards the end of the interview that the ideal result for the controllers is that the masses they control don't know they're enslaved or that they even
like their servitude and enslavement. This is not such a far-fetched situation. Tragically, many slaves in history have rejected freedom and returned to slavery because slavery guarantees food and lodging; freedom doesn't. For those that contest that we are still free, it's worth noting that even the mainstream press now accept that our emails are read, our internet browsing is collated and examined, we are identified automatically on CCTV, our social networking profiles are psychologically analysed, our smartphones movements are tracked, we can be detained without access to a lawyer for a month, we can be legally watched without evidence being required. The list is long. Some say that this keeps us safe but from what? Fear is a great controller, as Goering himself once pointed out. Read More...